Terms & Conditions

  1. No kids allowed below 12. Kids above 12 need to be accompanied by an adult.

  2. We have 3 friendly dogs and 1 lovely cat. If you have an issue, allergy or phobia with cats and dogs, you may need to reconsider your visit.

  3. We are located in a jungle, please be responsible for your own safety.

  4. Guests who come with own transportation are advised to arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes earlier. Lateness will cause to cutting short of treatment time but still pay in full.

  5. Please notify us 24 hours before any date or time changes or cancellation, failing of such shall subject to 50% compensation charges base on the treatment price booked.

  6. Bookings made outside of Langkawi need a “Second Confirmation” upon check in to the hotel with your room number. This is to avoid guest cancel their trip at last minute but fail to inform us.

  7. For spa and massage treatments, we need a non-refundable deposit pay through Paypal or Maybank ATM. You will receive an email to advise you of how much the deposit is once you have submitted the booking. Your booking will only be confirmed after we have received the deposit. Balance please pay in cash when you come for your treatment. WE DO NOT HAVE CREDIT CARD FACILITY in Rumah Holistic.

  8. For courses and retreats booking, 20% of non-refundable deposit is required. Balance please pay in cash upon arrival.

  9. Choosing therapist base on gender preference is not encouraged, as we are all professionally trained.

  10. What you see on the therapist page is what we have. In the event of any therapist that you requested is not available, we will notify you for a replacement the best time we could.

  11. Please inform us of any medical conditions or injuries, allergies or phobia. We are not physiotherapists nor chiropractors, we cannot treat the above problems.

  12. We only have one room for spa services and massage. Serving two people at a time side by side (see picture on spa services page), we DO NOT have a curtain or partition to separate the two beds. 

  13. If you really require a separate room, we can let you use our guest room (provided there is no in-house guest staying at the time) but we will charge extra RM50 for the usage of the  guest room.

  14. It is your responsibility to brief the person that you bring along about the uniqueness of Rumah Holistic (basic, simple, rural, secluded, dogs, cats…etc) to avoid unpleasant surprises.