Spa Services

Spa Packages

Malay Manja (2 hr) RM230

A therapeutic and yet pampering Malay home spa experience. Start with a traditional foot bath to ease your tired feet while serving you a cold traditional herbal drink, follow by a 90 minutes Malay Traditional massage with revitalizing oriental spiced oil. We continue to pamper you with a natural coconut and rice based facial mask to make your skin feels cool, smooth an supple. The session ends with a cup of hot Asian tea. Medium to hard pressure. Good for muscles stiffness and ‘knots’ relief.

Tropical Paradise (2 hr) RM250

The treatment starts with a refreshing cool drink to ease your dehydration, follows by a soft and relaxing 90 min massage using virgin coconut oil focusing on shoulders and back to eliminate body heat and tension away, follows by a refreshing facial mask before we continue to massage your frontal body parts. We complete the treatment by applying moisturizing Aloe Vera gel all over your body. Specially designed for people who prefer soft and relaxing massage and it helps to reduce sunburn on your delicate skin.

Herbal Ritual (2 hr 30 min) RM280

A delightful treat with herbal scrub & bath, refreshing tea, follow by a 90-min  Nuad Boran Thai massage, follow by hot herbal ball compress to eliminate toxins, ease tensions and enhance blood circulation. You will feel so relax and loosen up that you would not want to do anything else.

Cleanse & Detox (3hr) RM330

This full body cleansing treatment begins with a glass of highly nutritional Aloe Vera juice which helps to maintain a healthy digestive system and high energy level. We continue to pamper you with an uplifting and exfoliating body scrub to revitalize your tired skin before providing you with a traditional massage which promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. A simple yet effective Galvanic Spa facial treatment will help to restore your vibrant and youthful look. We further complete the cleansing session by providing a foot reflexology to promote internal organs self detoxifying.

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Only massage two persons at a time in the same room


  • Malay Traditional Massage RM150 (90 mins) / RM180 (2 hrs)
  • Nuad Boran Thai Massage RM150 (90 mins) / RM180 (2 hrs)
  • Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage RM180 (90 mins) / RM230 (2 hrs)

Add on service to the above massages or spa packages:

  • Foot Reflexology RM60 (60 min) / RM30 (30min)
  • Reiki Energy Healing RM80 (30 min)
  • Thai Herbal Ball Compress RM80 (30 min)
  • NuSkin Galvanic Spa Facial RM100 (30 min)
  • Body Scrubs RM80 (30 min)

For booking please go to our Online Booking page.