Rumah Holistic (House of Holistic) is a little wellness retreat, spa and nature home stay in Langkawi, Malaysia. Come and stay with us to experience a simple get away holistic wellness holiday. We have two rooms that can accommodate up to 6 people. Surrounded by lush green forest, we are at the heart of flora and fauna in Langkawi.

Guests are encouraged to follow our various wellness programs, such as daily massages, spa treatments, fruits, vegetables and herbs diet, yoga, meditation, Tai Ji Qi Gong, Reiki and nature activities including cycling, morning jungle walking or kayaking in the mangrove, or you can simply have a quiet and peaceful stay to rejuvenate, recharge your body, mind and spirits.

We provide training classes for massage from time to time by using simple and fun methods. You can also pick up some Asian cooking lessons, get to know different types of herbs and spices while you are on holiday.

Our day spa is open from 10am till 6pm only to the public with an advanced appointment. We serve only 2 PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME IN THE SAME ROOM. Only a few taxi drivers know how to come to our place. So you may want to book our taxi drivers as well. NO WALK-IN! We prefer to spend quality time with our guests, so please retain some extra times to let yourself free from worries or rushing from one activity to another, just relax and enjoy the nature.

We practice holistic and traditional approach for our spa treatments and massages, which promote body and mind relaxation and shall further enhance self healing through times. We do not offer any instant cure nor medical advice. We are not chiropractors nor physiotherapists.

Please feel free to dip into the natural ‘fish spa’ at the mountain stream. Hornbills, racket tailed birds, buffaloes, monkeys, squirrels, king fishers can be seen within close distance. Please be aware that we also have four friendly dogs staying on the premise.

We are a small establishment and have very limited resources, an ADVANCED BOOKING is very much appreciated.